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Taking surfing lessons in Maui, HI obviously makes a great deal of sense, in part because of the sheer beauty of the island, and in part because you can find ideal surfing most of the time whether you are a complete novice or a professional surfer.

Learn From The Best Surf Instructors in Maui, HI

Whether you take a private lesson, a lesson for two, or participate in a group lesson for three or more people, you will benefit from the type of instruction only a private instructor can give. A second private instructor will join Kevin for group lessons having four or more participants. If you are an experienced-to-expert surfer, you will still benefit from Kevin and his team classes. Since Kevin is a professional Surfer, he knows the water, the weather, and the best places to surf at a given time.

Lessons For All Students

Kevin and his team offer lessons to all levels. If it is your first time out, Kevin and his team will have you standing up on the board in no time. A beginner surfer can enjoy the sport at any age. Besides our expert instruction, all inclusive packages include a surf board, surf shoes, and rash guard, two items you will learn to appreciate. What are you waiting for? There's no better instructors for Maui surf lessons!

Progressive Learning Curves

We take surfing seriously, and we take giving instruction seriously. As much as we want to see you advance to a higher skill level and benefit from our instruction, which you certainly will, our number one priority is your safety. We have taught enough students and had enough surfing experience to know what our students can safely handle and still experience many of the thrills surfing has to offer.

Kevin and his team realize there is always a danger of being hooked on the sport, which can be hard on you if your home town is several thousand miles from the nearest surf.

Cast your worries aside and call our team to schedule a lesson.


Surf Lessons – All 1.5 Hour
• Private one-on-one Lesson
• Semi-Private Lesson for two
• Private Group Lessons for 3
• Private Group Lessons for 4 or more

Guided tours: Must have experience.

1.5 hours - surfing at various surf spots

Your ALL inclusive Lesson Package includes:

• Local pro surfers professional expertise instruction
• Surfboard or Stand Up Paddle Board
• Necessary Apparel-Surf shoes and Rash Guard

Cast your worries about that aside. Just call me, and schedule a lesson.

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