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If you are a newcomer to the sport, Local Pros Maui! should not be taken to imply we offer a meal after each lesson. “Sup” stands for stand-up paddle lessons, which we offer in addition to our standard surfing lessons.

Attending a surf school in Maui, HI might just be one of the greatest school experiences you have ever had. At Local Pros Maui! school, you will find the lessons anything but boring. Kevin and his team guarantee you will have a great time while learning a sport that can be eventful yet soothing.

Learn While You Relax!

Stand up Paddling lessons are pretty easy to learn in one lesson. The lessons presented in this course will give you a concrete foundation and allow you to make speedy improvement in the sport. SUPing is great for strengthening one’s balance, core, posture, relaxation and discovering a new appreciation for the ocean. It will be one of your most memorable vacation excursions, one you can relive at home on anybody of calm water.

Beginner To Advanced Instruction

Kevin and his team teach all levels, so don’t be intimidated if you are a beginner who suddenly finds yourself getting one-on-one instruction from a professional. Once upon a time we were beginners too , and we remember the thrill we experienced each time we advanced, even if it was a very small step forward. Participants at any level can opt for private lessons, semi private lessons (two people), or group lessons. Lessons are scheduled daily, early morning is recommended. Call ahead for a booking. If you call a few days in advance, Kevin and his team will usually be able to schedule a lesson at your convenience.


SUP Lessons – All 1.5 Hour
• Private one-on-one Lesson
• Semi-Private Lesson for two
• Private Group lessons for 3 or more

With groups of four or more another professional will be added to assist Kevin with lesson

Guided tours: Must have experience.

1.5 hours - surfing at various surf spots

Your ALL inclusive Lesson Package includes: • Kevin’s professional expertise instruction
• Surfboard or Stand Up Paddle Board
• Necessary Apparel-Surf shoes and Rash Guard

Call ahead for a booking. If you call a few days in advance, I will usually be able to schedule a lesson at your convenience.

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