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offers surfing lessons and stand-up paddle board lessons to all skill levels.
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Exclusive lessons by local professionals.

Surf Lessons

SUP Lessons


Local Pro Surfer


Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons | Local Pros Maui! | Maui, HI | (808) 870-2438

Taking surfing lessons in Maui, HI obviously makes a great deal of sense, in part because of the sheer beauty of the island, and in part because you can find ideal surfing most...

SUP Lessons

SUP Lessons | Local Pros Maui! | Maui, HI | (808) 870-2438

If you are a newcomer to the sport, Local Pros Maui! should not be taken to imply I offer a meal after each lesson. “Sup” stands for stand-up paddle lessons, which...

Local Pro Surfer

Local Pro Surfer | Local Pros Maui! | Maui, HI | (808) 870-2438

There is no shortage of surfing instructors in Hawaii. Most are good surfers, and most are good instructors, although some are naturally better than others. You can realize the...

Local Pros Maui! offers lessons to beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers of all ages.

Welcome to Local Pros Maui!

Aloha from Lahaina and the island of Maui, HI where we have some of the world’s best surfing and where you will find top-notch instruction as well. The instruction I offer is a blending of what I have been taught about the sport, together with what I have learned in recent years while competing professionally at various locations around the world. If you book lessons with me, you will be getting—“Exclusive Lessons By a Professional Surfer.”

Surf Lessons on Maui

I offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons for all ages. You can schedule a private lesson for one-on-one instruction or schedule a semi-private lesson. A semi-private lesson is for two people, but the lesson still provides a one-on-one learning experience. On the other hand, you might opt for a group lesson, a good choice if you haven’t been on a board before.

Stand-Up Paddle Board Lessons

I offer stand-up paddle board lessons as well as surfing lessons. Stand-up paddle boarding is yet another way to enjoy Maui’s beaches and waters. I serve up plentiful portions of exceptional instruction, combined with good fun.

Start Surfing Maui Today!

Safety is a number one priority of mine when I am instructing others in the sport. I cannot guarantee, however, that you will not become addicted to surfing, nor will I bet against your falling in love with Maui. Needless to say, more than a few of my customers are repeat customers. Book a lesson with me today. If you call a few days ahead of time, I am more apt to have a time available that is convenient for you.

Local Pros Maui!

10 Hoohui Rd Ste 110
Lahaina, HI 96761
Telephone: (808) 870-2438


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